Greetings gentlemen! I am an experienced luxury travel, dinner, social, and suite companion formally in the Top 10 in 2 major cities within the USA. I am now reborn and refreshed as a new me and I’m very excited to make new relationships and memories that last well beyond our initial meeting. I am very selective in who I meet and am a low volume courtesan; quality over quantity, always.

I am a very passionate person about a lot of things. A believer In true love, very romantic and sensual, I also come with a level of pragmatism that initially drew me to the notion of becoming a companion . I was, and am, still surprised at how many great stories, moments, relationships, and love have brewed from a place in which one would least expect it. Perhaps, our initial encounter won’t be our last and we’ll make memories over several days, months, years, or even a lifetime.

Physically, I am a tall, natural blonde. I am an athletic and strong build, yet slender with curves in the right places. While my face is blurred for security and protection, rest assured that my face and personality are some of my stronger attributes. I have very soft and smooth skin with a pale to light tan complexion. I am a natural blonde with blue almond shaped eyes. My nose is petite and natural accompanied by full soft and lucious lips and very high cheek bones. My smile will aim to brighten your day as I have white teeth that are straight across. I don’t have any tattoos. My ears only are pierced. I don’t wear hair extensions or false lashes. I have a very natural beauty and appearance, so why change it?

I am a published cover and centerfold model on an international level (please do not inquire on my model name, I have an alias for a reason). While well-educated holding a master’s degree in my professional field, I am continuing on with my second master’s degree currently. I aspire to continue my education for the rest of my life. I am well traveled having visited over 50 countries in the world and still want to see the rest (and revisit the others as well… care to travel with me on your next business trip?) I live a fit and active lifestyle spending 1-2 hours at the gym 5-6 days a week. While I eat healthy 85% of the time, there is that 10% I reserve for enjoying caviar and champagne or a delicious dessert because life is too short. With that being said, I have experienced some of my best encounters alcohol free; by no means do I always drink or need to. Sometimes, I choose not to drink for health or personal reasons. I do not smoke and I never engage or partake in taking recreational drugs. I could bore you with the details of my ongoing beauty regimens, but lets just say that skin care, routine manicures/pedicure, hair, brows, and spa days are definitely part of my routine schedule.

English is my mother language. I have been speaking French while living in Paris for the last 5 years and I consider it my second language. I spent four years learning Spanish and recently began learning Italian and some Dutch. Care to teach me your language? Speaking of language, I love to converse. I am well versed on a variety of topics including history, politics, world affairs and current events, finance, marketing, health, fitness, beauty, and I LOVE fashion! Cooking is another passion of mine as is skiing, boating, dining out, theater and cinema, spa days, weekend getaways, reading, and much more! Traveling is my number one passion next to romance, connection, and building meaningful relationships.

Integrity to me is the most essential characteristic of any person and I hold myself to a high standard. Honesty, trust, and discretion are of paramount importance to me and within our relationship. While I do appreciate the finer things in life, I have much appreciation for the simple things as well. I can be the girl next door in jeans and a t-shirt or a lady decked out in a ball gown for a special event, I am very flexible and tailor everything to your needs. The perfect date for me would be dinner at a great restaurant enjoying endless conversation that flows like champagne and overflows well into to the evening… and sometimes the following morning… and the next few days ;). I am open to all kinds of relationships- including long term arrangements. Let’s make memories that last a lifetime and relationships that extend beyond a our lifetime…


Fitness: I like to do resistance training 4 times a week. This is essential to keep my body in the proper form, especially as I am a model. I also enjoy walking, especially in cities. Other interests include yoga, pilates, pole class, and cardio kickboxing. If you’d like to teach me something new or experience an aspect of fitness together, I am open to it!

Traveling: I have been to over 50 countries, many multiple times. To travel is to live and I aspire to visit many more countries in my lifetime. Some of the countries on my wish list include Russia, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, The Bahamas, St. Lucia, Antartica, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Please inquire about Wish List BeSpoke Travel Packages.

Health and Wellness: I have always wanted to go on a wellness retreat. The idea of detoxing, hydrating, and staying fit and well together is a great notion. Please inquire about Bespoke Wellness Retreat Packages. Spa Days and Couples Spa Packages are a great addition to our time spent together.

Beauty: I am passionate about keeping up to date with the latest beauty treatments, particularly with skin care and anti-aging. I have natural hair and eye lashes and only put on false lashes and hair extensions for special events or photoshoots.

Fashion: I love to keep up with the latest trends and am passionate about fashion, particularly haute couture and high fashion! I have attended fashion shows across the world and make an excellent plus one to these events. That being said, I love for athleisure and the basic essentials look as well. I dress appropriately for any occasion.

Gastronomy: I eat healthy 85% of the time so generally, I like to eat seafood and at steakhouses, sometimes sushi. I tend to eat lean meats and veggies as the base for my meals. However, I am a closet foodie!I do love Michelin Star experiences. I have been to many around the globe and would love to experience more.

Finance: Recently, I’ve begun studies in the finance sector and I’m currently learning about the stock market, macroeconomics, investments, and real estate.

Politics: I love and I am comfortable with a good debate. I tend to be middle of the road when it comes to politics. I will respect your opinions, perspectives and viewpoints and I only ask the same. However, if this is a sensitive topic for you, we can avoid conversing about politics all together.

Languages and Culture: English is my first language. I currently know 3-4 languages including French, some Italian, and some Spanish and I want to learn more. Cultural experiences whilst traveling are a must.

Romance: I am a believer in love and romance. Love can exist outside and inside of a marriage. I enjoy romantic moments shared with someone special and the excitement that ensues as a result. I have been fortunate enough to have found love twice as a companion and my hope is that number 3 may be you and will last us a lifetime.

Shopping: Believe it or not, the act of shopping overwhelms me. Sometimes, I prefer to shop alone. I don’t like to burden men with activities they don’t enjoy. However, if you enjoy shopping with a lady, I am more than happy to partake in his with you. My favorite part of shopping is the end result!