Screening is required for safety and security reasons. Please be advised that all information provided is for personal use only.

The following are required in order to meet me:

  • A phone number and E-Mail.
  • Name, E-Mail, & Website of 2-3 recent references within the past 6 months. ​

Sometimes, this is sufficient. However, if references are not from a reliable lady, a lady I am comfortable/familiar with, or references are not possible, further information is required…

  • Employment information – Name of employer, work E-Mail/LinkedIn, or phone number and a good time to reach you to verify that you are gainfully employed. This will be done discretely and at your convenience.
  • A photo ID along with a selfie attached.

Cancellation Policy: All bookings act on a retroactive cancellation policy, which means that in good faith, we agree once the booking is confirmed that if you have to cancel for any reason, outside of your control or otherwise, a deposit of 50% is required via E-Visa Gift Card. If the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the scheduled booking, 100% of the booking is required via E-Visa Gift Card. All deposits are non-refundable. If this policy is not adhered to, it will be reported in a public place and booking without deposits will become difficult if not impossible. If repetitive cancellations occur without deposits paid, a proactive cancellation policy will take it’s place (Let’s avoid this).

    Your details

    * Full Name:

    * Email:

    * Telephone Number:

    Appointment details

    * Date of Booking:

    * Time of Booking:

    • :

    * Duration:

    * Incall/Outcall

    * Please provide your location name and address:

    * Please provide your location name and address including country & city:

    Screening options (choose your preferred method of screening)

    1. Companion References
    Minimum of 2 references from companions you have visited in the last 6 months. Name, website, email + phone number.

    * Companion reference 1:

    * Companion reference 2:

    2. Employment Verification

    * Position:

    * Company name:

    * Company main phone number:

    * Your direct line:

    * LinkedIn page:
    with 250+ connections and profile picture.

    3. ID

    * Please provide a copy your photo ID:

    Additional Information

    * Where did you hear about me?

    * If other, please state below:

    * Please enter the directory name below:

    Would you like to share your picture with me? If yes, please upload.

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