Given my busy and versatile lifestyle and schedule, same day appointments are not impossible, but highly improbable. It’s best to plan in advance. I am not an impulsive decision but rather a well thought out plan.

Cash is accepted and preferred. At this time, there is no alternate payment accepted, however, alternate methods are coming in the future.

Cancellation policies are listed under the “booking” tab.

I am comfortable in athleisure, jeans and a t-shirt, a cocktail dress, a bikini, or a ball gown. Some gentlemen prefer a dressed down lady for discretionary reasons. If you have any special requests, you may request them via my assistant, Alex. However, please note that no response or confirmation will be provided to you, but I will receive this message. A wardrobe request is not a guarantee.

Yes, all of my photos are me and are real. I hide my face due to security and protection for myself. I have a professional and personal life outside of the world of companionship and unfortunately, parts of society don’t understand this world for what it truly is. Furthermore, I have a public image to uphold. In short, I don’t hide my face because I am ugly or older than I state; I simply need to for security and privacy reasons.

There are several that I love. Currently, I’m obsessed with Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb in the Sky and Dancing Roses. Some classics include Chanel Chance, J’adore Dior, and Hermes Twilly.

I love roses of any color. My favorites are long stem red or white. I also love deep pink roses. Calla Lillies and Orchids are also divine.

I have been a companion on and off for 7 years now. 3 of those years I have been in exclusive relationships (yes, with clients). Visit with me while I’m still on the “market”!

I love Italy! It’s a beautiful country and an amazing culture. I also feel the same for Greece. Other countries I have been to and enjoy are Morocco, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, South Africa, Lebanon, Israel, Brazil, and Cambodia. There are many more! I have been to over 50 countries.

A few countries on my travel bucket list are Maldives, Vietnam, Japan, Costa Rica, St Lucia, Chile, Russia, Romania, Egypt, and Antartica. Please inquire on special rates for a week-long (or longer) excursion.

I have had so many gifts of travel- including an African safari, a trip to Israel, and a 6 week excursion to explore the far east (to name a few). I have experienced 5 star dining experiences and Michelin Star

across the world. I’ve received diamond rings from Cartier and Tiffany’s. However, the greatest gift I have received is love and continued support.

Yes, I have had several celebrity clients. Some are good friends, a few I have seen a handful of times. One was even a boyfriend. I am very discrete and will never mention any names. Rest assured that regardless of your status, discretion is important and your confidentiality will never be disclosed.